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You wake up from cryosleep to an emergency message from the ship's terse AI: you’ve been awakened early because something has happened to damage the ship, and it cannot reach the crew. There's a fire on board that is spreading, and that you’re the only person who can stop the atmosphere fully venting, the systems failing, and everyone dying.

This is only the beginning of dealing with your time on the damaged ship. And you get the feeling – either vague or troublingly clear – that all of this is your fault...

The Passenger is a sci-fi adventure/interactive fiction that follows you - an unexpected  passenger aboard the cargo scow Ergo - in a tense struggle to survive against deadly odds. You will decide not only what you choose to utilize to get by, but who you are, what it was about you that caused the accident, and how you will handle the outcome. With multiple different puzzles, over a dozen endings, and three playable character "classes," you're invited to try your hand at rewriting Fate time and again.


Determining your past will influence your future...


Solving puzzles allows you to manipulate the ship's systems.


Different choices throughout the game open up multiple different paths to many different endings.


Beating the game at least once unlocks developer commentary!


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